“Your Good is Always at Hand” by Rev Mykal Amaré

Your Good is always at hand…clean out the old and make room for the new.
Release what is not working in your life, open to the limitless possibilities the universe has to offer you.

Say these words:
I know that I can make conscious use of the Divine Law of my being.
I know that this Law reacts immediately and creatively to my faith.
I know that when I speak this word for myself, there is a direct reaction toward me.
I know that when I speak it for others, there is direct reaction toward them.
There is no doubt or uncertainty in my consciousness.
I identify myself with the good I desire.
I have complete confidence that the Law of Good will respond to me by creating the object of this desire.
I have a quiet contentment and inner sense peace.
I have an enthusiastic sense of well-being.
I know that all the power there is, is for me; therefore, I put on the whole armor of faith.
I am free Spirit I am perfect Life
I am in conscious union with the God who is right where I am.

“This Thing Called You” page 70