“The Spiritual Practice of Giving” written by Rev Mykal Amaré

Only by being a gracious receiver can we be a gracious giver!

“Freely ye have received, freely give.”
The Spiritual Practice of giving is an important key to Life. For in giving we open ourselves to receive a greater good, to reveal within the Infinite Abundance that is God. As Ernest Holmes’ states, “It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us on and out, that we really express life.”

It is suggested we practice giving of our time, talent and treasure. Just what does that mean?

We give of our time; we can volunteer at churches, schools, soup kitchens and at countless other places where hands are needed to give service to others. No matter if it is one hour a week or month our time is valuable, it is a priceless gift when it comes to giving to others. Most of us think that our time is based on a dollar value but when we give our time to others there is a different value set on it, the value of love and selfless giving to another person or group. We will never really know the true value of such giving.

We give of our talent; we are all gifted individuals, all bearing unique gifts. Sometimes we do credit ourselves to having valuable gifts that others can benefit from. Look at what things you do best, how can you share that with others. What are the things that you do that you find great joy in? Someone can use your talent no matter how insignificant you might think it is, offer your talents and see what joy you can bring to another. And in giving that talent you receive.

We give our treasure; when we tithe, we give ten percent of our gross income. However there are times in our lives where our financial situations do not permit us to give the ten percent. So we give of what we can, a gift coming from the heart is as valuable as one who gives from their wealth. Giving of treasure is part of the Law of Circulation. By practicing the Law of Circulation we grow into alignment with our true nature and our thoughts of survival are replaced by thoughts of Prosperity. We can then live lives that express the Prosperity inherent within each of us.

We live in a reciprocal universe, for what we give will come back to us tenfold.