“Release the Old – Embrace the New” – by Rev Mykal Amaré

Releasing the old;

Cluttered attic creates a feeling of being under pressure; it’s hard to be optimistic about the future when there is so much stuff hanging over your head.

Basements are considered places of the subconscious, need to watch you step, so clean up the clutter.

Cluttered closets represent things that are hidden, unknown or unrecognized. When we have cluttered closets we stifle our ability to be intuitive and insightful.

Every bit of “stuff” we release creates space in your life for new insight, energy, joy, experiences and good to come in!

I suggest you look at this past year and see what is cluttering your life, whether it is physical, emotional or mental; thank it for being present in your life, for what it has given you and release it.

Embrace the new;

Exercise, sit still and contemplate on 2016 and what you would like to have more of, with no judgments or restrictions. Write three things down and post it somewhere visible throughout the year.

Embrace the Good that is coming into your life