Survey Results

Review & Reporting the Results from Survey June 19,2016

#2. In what areas of your spiritual journey would you like more support?

  • Understanding such matters as:
  • Maintaining positive outlook
  • Responding well to conflict
  • The law of attraction
  • How to get started
  • Our oneness with life
  • Wholeness


#3. In what ways do you already feel supported on your spiritual

journey here at NLSC?

  • Lessons
  • Email affirmations/inspirations
  • Books
  • Safe community for growth and belonging
  • Opportunities to participate in Sunday services
  • Giving opportunities for different areas at Northern Lights and outside the community
  • Community activities
  • Feeling supported and heard
  • A positive and friendly community

#9. In what ways are you willing and able to volunteer and help

the community grow by working with our outreach plan?


Most members are willing to volunteer for some kind of community outreach. However, the question arose “What is our Community Outreach Plan.”

At the next Core Council meeting we will be reviewing our outreach plan. We will make any changes/updates to the plan. Then we will bring it back to the members and invite them/you to participate.