Mykal Amare (23 of 39)
Rev. Mykal Amaré-Senior Minister-Administrator


Reverend Mykal Amaré was ordained by the Centers for Spiritual Living, a New Thought movement. Reverend Mykal has been involved with the Science of Mind teachings for over nineteen years. He is currently a Co-Senior Minister, serving as the Administrator at Northern Lights Spiritual Center.

Reverend Mykal is a retired from the Boeing Company and is actively involved with Toastmasters International.

Rev. Mykal believes “every person deserves a seat at the table and that everyone wants to belong as well as being heard and respected.”

Rev. Mykal holds true that “Life is an Inside Job” and practices “Witnessing the Divine in all Life.”



Vaughan Amare (2 of 39)
Rev. Vaughan Amaré Senior Minister Ecclesiastical Head



Reverend Vaughan Amaré an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, has had involvement with the Science of Mind teachings for over fifteen years. Currently he is serving as Co-Senior Minister, the Ecclesiastical Head, at Northern Lights Spiritual Center.

Reverend Vaughan also works as a School Psychologist with the Seattle School District. He learns with and from others about how we learn, think, feel and succeed.

Rev. Vaughan’s intention: “To serve people who say “yes” to changing their lives and our world for the good that they know exists even if they can’t yet see it.”




Rev. Pamela 120714
Rev. Pamela Beatty – Founder – Staff Minister

Reverend Pamela grace Beatty is an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has been in New Thought for 22 years and affiliates with the Centers for Spiritual Living (Science of the Mind philosophy).

Rev. Pamelagrace is the founding minister of Northern Lights Spiritual Center, currently serving as staff minister.

Reverend Pamelagrace guest speaks at New Thought churches and other organizations. She also leads workshops that enhance the spark of genius in all of us. She believes we are all creative beings with unique gifts to offer the world. Her work helps each of us to discover and experience our own talents and skills.

Reverend Pamelagrace is a dancer, painter and budding musician. Continuing to learn, grow and express is vital to her.  Pamelagrace most enjoys using her talents and skills to help others open to the Good available to all.



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Reverends Mykal, Vaughan and Pamela

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