Recorded Talks

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“Wandering Off the Path” Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“I Am A Money Magnet” – Stephanie Scranton, RScP
“Reversing Financial Adversity” – Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“The Perfect Relationship” Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Undefended Love” Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“We Belong to Each Other” Rev. Mykal Amaré
“I Am Light” Stephanie Scranton, RScP
“Doing the Right Thing Takes Courage” Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Laughter as a Spiritual Practice” Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“Creativity is the ‘Mother’ of…” – Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Creative Confidence” – Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“Stay Awoke” – Stephanie Scranton, RScP – Practitioner Sunday
“Listen From Your Heart” – Rev. Mykal Amaré
“God Comes in Through the Wound” – Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“Mary Did You Know” – Rev. Vaughan Amaré
“Spiritual Practices” – Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Can We Experience Heaven Within, Despite Outside Appearances” – Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Understanding Wholeness” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Best Day of My Life” – Stephanie Scranton, RScP
“Courageously Living Fearless, Free and Passionate Lives” – Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Awakenings” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Listen to Your Gut” – Rev. Mykal Amaré
“Service-an Expression of Love” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Generously Sharing” – Rev. Mykal Amaré

“Renewed Emphasis on Beauty, Nature and Love” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Eternal Good” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“The Truth of Who We Are” – Rev Mykal Amaré
“Surrounded by this Creative Mind” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“One Door Closes – Pause – Another one Opens” – Rev Mykal Amaré
“The Life We Live is God” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Mother Stories-The Value of Spiritual Guidance” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Superheroes” – Practitioner Sunday – Stephanie Scranton, RScP
“Prospering in a World Where there is Plenty for ALL” – Rev Mykal Amaré
“We Are All Connected” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“A New Attitude” – Rev Vaughan Amaré
“Life is an Inside Job” – Rev Mykal Amaré
“Three Musketeers” – Stephanie Scranton, RScP

“Opening to and Embrace the Mystery” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“A World That Works for All” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“Your Life is a Stepping Stone” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“Increase Trust” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“Making Course Corrections” – Rev Mykal Amaré

“Seeing from a Higher View” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“Be Bold, Take a Risk and Be Free” – Rev Mykal Amaré

“Other Ways to do Things” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“The Gift You Are” – Rev Mykal Amaré

“Lighten Up” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“What Would Madonna Do?” – Rev. Pamela Beatty

“Encourage Yourself” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“Asking for Help is Not a Weakness” – Rev Mykal Amaré

Don’t Blame it on the Boogie – aka Don’t Play the Blame Game, Part 2″ – Stephanie Scranton, RScP

“Suspend Judgement” – Rev Vaughan Amaré

“Gossip…What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing” Rev Mykal Amaré

“Celebrating Your Accomplishments” Rev Mykal Amaré

“Practitioner Sunday-Staying Conscious” Stephanie Scranton, RScP

“Sing With the Dropkick Angels” Rev. Pamela Beatty

“Beauty and the Beast” Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“Finding What’s Right” Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“Why Do We Love Our Sports Teams” Rev. Mykal Amaré

“Listening and Looking for Good” Rev. Mykal & Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“Conscious Consciousness” Rev. Pamela Beatty

“Speak With Intention…Your Words Have Power” Rev. Mykal Amaré

“Unity in Community” Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“Here and Now” Rev. Pamela Beatty

 “The Soldier’s Miracle” Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“So…What are You Waiting For” Rev. Mykal Amaré

“Golden” Stephanie Scranton, RScP

“Innumerable as the Stars” Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“See in Through the Third Eye & the Eye of the Heart” Rev. Mykal Amaré

“Truth or Dare” Rev. Vaughan Amaré

“To Thine Onw Self be True” Rev. Mykal Amaré

“The Body of Creativity” Rev. Vaughan Amaré